Legumes pasta Variva

Rich in organic protein and fibers, gluten free
Produced by VARIVA EOOD, Bulgaria
VARIVA EOOD is a newly-corporated company that is specialized in the production of legumes pasta.

The company is hiring the best experts in the industry, relying heavily on research and innovation. The raw materials used in the production process are cropped on our own land, ensuring highest quality throughout the entire process. We work closely with agronomists and keep personally involved in every stage of research and production.

The company is responsible for the full production cycle – from cropping and harvest, to sales and marketing. We collaborate closely with agronomists and farmers in search of best value and sustainability in the process. This approach results in nurturing highly nutrient and pure raw legume beans from which we make our pasta.

The chickpeas and cranberry beans we use are grown on our own farm, but we have developed strong partnerships with farmers so that we have at our disposal crops exceeding 100 000 acres.

The production line excludes possible traces from gluten in the product, making it suitable for people with gluten intolerance. Every production cycle is duly controlled by qualified experts who also perform quality control of the end product. The company is hiring a team of scholars who perform regular laboratory tests in search of continuous improvement in every aspect.